Vagabond Entrepreneur

At the start of 2017, I was living in Southern Oregon in a little town called Applegate.

Originally from Alaska and after a few years in California I had gathered the courage to blaze a trail on my own.  A few years after my move I was living comfortably.  I had a great job, making wine full-time – with an amazing boss who’s young children I nannied in exchange for my rent in a beautiful wood cabin on the grounds. 

That’s Ellia on the right, she’s about 10 now – and she’s pretty much my #1 fan.  

I left the kids, my secure (and awesome) job, my free housing, and my comfort behind to move to Dublin, Ireland for 3 months.  It started off as a passive interest in learning to make Whisky, to a full-blown affair with the idea of being a bartender.  Why? Because I was desperate to travel the world over somehow, someway.

Home sweet home!

The day I left I looked back on my “Henry-David-Thoreau-esque” cabin and bid it farewell as I walked out the door onto my first ever international adventure.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

I didn’t know anyone in Dublin, Ireland.

I didn’t have a map or a guide, or a lot of money since I paid for the European Bartender School I’d be attending (and it wasn’t the cheapest).

But more that anything else I was ready.

"$50 to my name" - Another Los Angeles Story

After a month of bartending classes, and two months of bartending just to make the money to stay in Ireland longer, I finally had to leave.  I arrived back at LAX with about $50 to my name and absolutely no idea what I was going to do.  I ended up staying with a friend of mine in Los Angeles and taking a random job at a joint where you dine in the dark and the servers are blind.  

Weird right?  

As I served drinks by night I started to feel like I wasn’t going anywhere.

I didn’t have a central focus for my life anymore.

I knew I wanted to travel more, and that’s about it.  That was (and still is believe it or now) my driving motivation.  I was constantly asking myself “How can I make enough money to get out of the country again?”, “What country should I visit next?” (usually followed by “anywhere will do!”)

Then I got a call from a Nuclear Power Plant Facility in San Luis Obispo, California that said they’d like to bring me in for an interview…

Nuclear Reactors and "The Big Bang"

They offered me twice the pay I was making at the restaurant I was at, but it would only be temporary job. 

45 Days.

I would have to go through background checks, personal history questionnaires, drug tests, psychiatric evaluations, and 6 days of testing in order to get the job.  It sounded like a lot of work – but I was feeling up for the challenge because in my mind if I raised a few grand in that 45 days making big bucks like they were offering, I could go to Ibiza, Spain for the summer with my two best friends – one who is a DJ and one who is a photographer.  

We had a grand plan to be the ultimate trio:  A DJ, Bartender and a Photographer.  What event wouldn’t want us? What bar could we not work at? Our hopes were high and our plans were set.

At the end of May we were going to buy one way tickets to a party island off the coast of Spain to work, and see where we would go from there.  So I got the job and put everything into my work.

I was working 12 hour graveyard shifts (from 6am to 6pm) 6 days a week.

I was exhausted.

But I had a goal.  Even more than that I had a vision.  

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could just taste it?  You could smell the ocean, feel the breeze with little bits of sand kicking up and dancing across your toes.  You could taste the salt in the air and you couldn’t see anything for just a moment – because of the sun glaring in your eyes – but as soon as you looked away all that was in sight were clear blue waters caressing white sandy beaches.  Colorful homes dotted the hillside and you saw them all as you were on the back of that little vespa – zipping by flower shops and bars, restaurants and coffee shops.  Then there was a man standing on the side of the road with a look of worry.  Your eyes fixated on him for just a moment too long.

It happened fast.

It took a while for it to hit you, what actually happened – and the long term repercussions that would follow.


I was driving home from work that night – I only had one week left of my employ with the Nuclear Plant as a wrench monkey in the intake sector working those long nights with my funny, old, salty-dog co-workers.  As I was approaching a fork in the road, one leading back home and one leading back to town, my phone buzzed.

I looked down.

“Hey, we are going to go to Harry’s tonight to celebrate our last week, want to come?”

I had been making up excuses not to go out with my coworkers from day 1, mostly because I was so tired and if i didn’t fall asleep as soon as I got home I was trying to build my first website for my freelance writing business that I planned to use to build income online so I could work from my computer while I traveled as well as bartending.

The fork in the road was getting closer…


It was Nezi – my best friend: “Hey, we are booking our tickets TONIGHT!!! I’m so excited!”

I took a left. 

I decided that I’d go to the bar for a drink, one drink, and then I’d go home and book my tickets to go to Ibiza.  I told my coworker and my best friend of my plans and was on my way to the bar.  Before I knew it I was unexpectedly wrangled into a bachelorette party and it was 2am.  

Crap! I gotta go book my tickets!

I realized I had had too much to drive, I had a little too much whiskey and I knew it.

I was also wearing a tiny cocktail dress and was freezing my butt off.  So as I called a Lyft I went to my car to grab my jacket.  I figured I’d probably get a ticket for parking there over night but I didn’t really care – the Lyft was on it’s way.

“Your ride is 5 minutes away” my phone alerted me.

Then I hear the one single little “Beeeuuuoop!” of a cop car behind me. The cop didn’t car that my Lyft driver was 2 minutes away, he didn’t care that I was just getting my jacket out of the car.  He didn’t know of my plans for that evening, of my intentions.

I spent the night in a freezing jail cell with a girl I went to middle school with while in a tiny cocktail dress.

“Oh hey!” she said, surprised, “I thought you were off traveling the world, what are you doing back here?”

Great question.

What the hell was I doing back there?

By the time they finally released me I called my friends.

“I can’t go to Ibiza anymore guys, I can’t even leave the state.”


A leap of faith​

All the money I had saved was gone.

On the taxi to get back to my mom’s house from jail. On lawyer and court fees.  On getting my car out from the impound lot. On everything else I had never forseen. 

On everything BUT my dreams, my goals, my vision.

I was going to kick off a year or two or three of international travel, of working abroad, of meeting new friends and writing books.  I was going to move to Ibiza and then go to Madrid, maybe I would’ve gone back to Dublin, or to Holland or France.

I have no idea what could’ve been, but all I could do was focus on what was right in front of me.  I decided I couldn’t live in San Luis Obispo, staying at my mom’s house.  She offered but I was 21, I wanted to be on my own.  

I moved back to Los Angeles with my two friends that I was going to go to Ibiza with.  They didn’t go without me as I had suggested, so we were all in Los Angeles and not Ibiza because of me, and it made me feel like sh*t.

At this point I was at an all time low: Financially, Emotionally, and Willfully I had nothing to offer.

It was at that point I decided: If I can’t travel now, and I don’t have money now, it doesn’t matter – because I will.

I decided I would be my own boss, and that I would take my freelance writing business to a whole new level.  I didn’t want to ever have a boss again.

Since August 2017 I've been to 12 NEW COUNTRIES

It’s about 9am.

I roll over and look at the tossled hair over the face of the love of my life.

I wake him up and we do our morning meditation for about 10 minutes.  

We then do a morning workout routine and I get my coffee.  I usually journal for about 10-15 minutes and then look over what I wrote from the night before about what I wanted to get done for the day.

I jump on my computer and work until I want to take a break – then I’ll usually take a walk or a nap.  Maybe I’ll put on an episode of something on Netflix or just hangout with my friends.

I check my expenses and income for the day and my emails.  

Some days I’ll just jump on the metro rail and run around Downtown LA.

Some weeks I’ll decide to go to an event in Kansas City, or one of my clients will call and need me to travel internationally.



I know what you're thinking...


Well that’s cool. 

Good for you.

You might want to travel the world and make money from your computer like just about everyone and their mother’s seems to be doing nowadays, or you might not.

It’s easy to envision yourself traveling the world, is it not?

You probably already know where you’d go first. 

You might notice how good it feels to plan for an exciting event in the future like a trip, or how it feels when you get something that you’ve been working really hard for, for a long time.

You may not be totally ready to invest into anything right now.

Maybe you’re like me.

Maybe you’re thousands of dollars in debt.

Maybe you’re sitting in the right seat, in the right time, in the right place to read this.



How to avoid my mistakes and get my results


Obvious pro-tip: Don’t drink and drive.

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I was ready to jump into something new I just didn’t know what it was.

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